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Code: KH2
This ball head can withstand heavy loads, lock solidly, and move smoothly.Aiming and horizon leveling can be accomplished as one instinctive motion, and rigid lockup takes just a quick twist of one control.Using this tripod ball head is also much easier to carry and pack than tripods with pan-tilt h..
Code: Screw61
Suitable for camera devices with 1/4" screw thread.Durable metal structure.Specifications:Material: MetalPackage Size: 4.8 * 2.5 * 1.5cm / 1.9 * 1 * 0.6"Package Weight: 44g / 1.5oz5 Pcs..
Vertical Camera Bracket (For flash, led, monitor, mic, ect) Vertical Camera Bracket (For flash, led, monitor, mic, ect)
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Brand: PhotoCame Code: MBL-FB
This Flash Brackets bring a new level of versatility and functionality to the world of flash photography. The design allows you to reconfigure your flash to meet your photographic need, like flash, led, mic, monitors, Wireless Mic Receiver Holder, ect. One of the most simple and small size Flash Br..
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