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Brand: BOYA Code: BY-MP4
The BY-MP4 is a two-channel audio adapter, with a 3.5mm TRRS cable and a 3.5mm TRS cable that allows you to record videos with Smartphone, DSLR camera or video camera. This adapter offers you with a compact dual-mount microphone and audio mixing solution, which allows you to easily assemble and con..
Brand: BOYA Code: BY-C04
BOYA BY-C04 Professional Shock Mount for PVM1000 PVM1000L Microphone,Greatly reduces microphone noise caused by vibration, handling, etc,Designed for BY-PVM1000& BY-PVM1000L.Design For Audio-Technica AT897, ATR6550, Sennheiser MKH-416 , ME66/K6, MKE-600, Azden SGM-1X , Sony ECM-CG50 etc. Produ..
BOYA BY-CIP Camera Microphone 3.5m Cable Convertor For Smartphones BOYA BY-CIP Camera Microphone 3.5m Cable Convertor For Smartphones
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Brand: BOYA Code: BY-CIP
3.5mm TRS to TRRS Adaptor The BOYA BY-CIP is designed to allow you to connect 3.5mm TRS Mics to Smart Devices, such as iphone, ipad or Android devices. It features gold-plated connectors and shielded construction.Product Highlights:- 3.5mm Female TRS to 3.5mm Male TRRS- High-quality Shielded Cabl..
Brand: BOYA Code: 35C-XLR
The BOYA 35C-XLR Adapter converts 3.5mm mini jack input to a male XLR output, it allows you to connect a microphone with a mini jack output to a professional mixer, camera, or other device with an XLR input. 3.5mm standard plug design.1/8" TRS female to XLR m..
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