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Brand: PhotoCame Code: D3578
Universal Bowens mount, compatible with most of speedlite accessories, such as softbox, etc.  Integrated design, easy for you to use, no need to assemble.Durable plastic cement to clip the light without hurting it.Adjustable install hole to suit different photography light.Universal Bowens m..
Brand: TOLIFO Code: RGX-BJ95
OFFICIAL TOLIFO AUTHORISED E.U. DISTRIBUTORSolve the problem of the shadow,reflection,color shading and etc.Achieve to make the light limpid and soft. Umbrella Mount Design take only a few seconds to setup up softbox just like open umbrella, when other softbox take a long time to setup.Size: 95..
TOLIFO Bowens Shade Reflector TOLIFO Bowens Shade Reflector
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Brand: TOLIFO Code: FGZ-L18
Features:1. Made of aluminum alloy, with Bowens mount, outer diameter about 180mm, height about 110mm, net weight about 180g;2. The bayonet is made of aluminum as thick as 4.5mm, strong and durable. The lamp shade is oxidized on the outside and with scales reflective coating internally;3. The lamp s..
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Brand: PhotoCame Code: FBPC038
This L-bracket speedlight mount is compatible with bowens mount accessories such as snoot, beauty dish, reflector, softbox, and umbrella. More conveniently is when an on-camera flash is being fixated onto the a cold shoe, the intensity of the flash light going through the bowens mount accessories ca..
80x80cm Flash Softbox Kit with S-Type Bracket Bowen Mount 80x80cm Flash Softbox Kit with S-Type Bracket Bowen Mount
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Brand: PhotoCame Code: SFUV80
By diffusing the flash lighting, the soft box creates a perfect and even lighting that allows you to capture picture-perfect shots. This is a portable and versatile soft box designed for speedlites and flashes with a hot shoe. The soft box comes standard with an adjustable L-Shaped mounting bra..
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TOLIFO 55cm Beauty Dish Reflector Diffuser Bowens Mount + Honeycomb TOLIFO 55cm Beauty Dish Reflector Diffuser Bowens Mount + Honeycomb
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Brand: TOLIFO Code: FGZ-L55
OFFICIAL AUTHORISED EU DEALER with Warranty & Direct Replacement The beauty dish produces a soft light, with a little more contrast compared to the light from a softbox, which is great for accentuating facial features, and pulling out more details in your image. The Beauty Dish is a very pop..
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