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Code: FL600
TOLIFO 600w  flash lamp h-1811..
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Code: FL300
TOLIFO 300w  flash lamp h-1811..
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Code: FL180
TOLIFO 180w  flash lamp h-1811..
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Code: FD150
Flash pilot lamp 150W 220-240V JDD E27..
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TOLIFO Bowens Shade Reflector TOLIFO Bowens Shade Reflector
Code: FGZ-L18 Stock: Out Of Stock
Features:1. Made of aluminum alloy, with Bowens mount, outer diameter about 180mm, height about 110mm, net weight about 180g;2. The bayonet is made of aluminum as thick as 4.5mm, strong and durable. The lamp shade is oxidized on the outside and with scales reflective coating internally;3. The lamp s..
12.40€ 23.56€
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Code: FDPC23 Stock: Out Of Stock
Universal for most square LED panels like YN600, YN900 to diffuse the light for a softer and natural look. Quickly convert most square LED light panels into this softbox without adding bulk or weight. The magnetic locks to make it collapsible and be easily carry in your backpack. Constructed with a..
Ex Tax:34.00€
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