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Code: MF-ZL-S3
The Movofilms ZEAL 3ft camera slider is a small and lightweight camera slider that you can conveniently carry from location to location and maximize as many of your scenes as possible with fluid motion. You can set the slider on its feet or mount it on a tripod and glide your camera left, right, for..
1,22 m Movofilms  PROAIM ZEAL camera slider 1,22 m Movofilms  PROAIM ZEAL camera slider
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Code: P-ZL-S4
Dramatic capture Hollywood-style shots and see the difference on screen movement can make. Dolly and tracking shots made ​​easy with our Movofilms ZEAL 4ft Camera Slider. Unleash your creative talent with this 'must have' addition to-any serious shooter's kit with this precision crafted mobile dolly..
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