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Shotgun & Vocal Mics

Brand: BOYA Code: BY-PVM1000L
The BOYA BY-PVM1000L Shotgun Microphone features an extended length of 38CM that maximizes directivity and narrows the pick up area. The result is focused on audio capturing and minimal noise and artifacts from sources outside the pick up area. The BY-PVM1000L is a popular choice among broadcast and..
WOXLINE XLR Universal Camcorder Microphone WOXLINE XLR Universal Camcorder Microphone
-10 %
Brand: WOXLINE Code: XLRPC01
Electronic condenser element.Low profile, aesthetic design.Supplied with sponge windshield.Attached cable with 3-pix XLR connector.Suit for Sony PD190P, HVR-Z1C, HVR-A1C, HVR-V1C, DSR-PD150P, DSR-250, for Panasonic AJ--D700MP, AJ--D410MC, AJ--D615MC, AJ--D908MC, 180, etc..Specifications:Type: WOXLIN..
32.24€ 35.96€
BOYA STUDIO BY-M1000 Large Diaphragm Condenser Studio Microphone (+EXTRAS) BOYA STUDIO BY-M1000 Large Diaphragm Condenser Studio Microphone (+EXTRAS)
-14 %
Brand: BOYA Code: BY-M1000
With 34mm(1.3″ ) true condenser capsule , 3 selectable polar patterns, 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response features, BOYA BY-M1000 is suited for capturing instruments and vocals in project and professional recording applications, such as singer, songwriters, podcasters, voiceover artists, field recor..
137.64€ 159.96€
BOYA BY-HM100 PRO2 Handheld Audio Video Microphone BOYA BY-HM100 PRO2 Handheld Audio Video Microphone
-19 %
Brand: BOYA Code: BY-HM100
with Warranty & Direct Replacement The BOYA BY-HM100 is a dynamic handheld microphone with omini-directional 360° pickup pattern. With Isolated capsule and a high qualaity microphone head, it can well reuduce handling noise and provide a clear live sound. There’s no need for any extra battery..
48.36€ 59.52€
Brand: BOYA Code: BY-WHM8
The BOYA BY-WHM8 is a Wireless handheld transmitter with a dynamic, cardioid capsule, suitable for BOYA BY-WM8 PRO-K1 (K2) wireless receiver. The BOYA BY-WHM8 provides professional, portable wireless operation in the 24MHz band, is easy to operate and affordable. It features an easy to read LCD dis..
BOYA 1000 Shotgun Condenser Microphone BOYA 1000 Shotgun Condenser Microphone
-17 %
Brand: BOYA Code: BY-PVM1000
with Warranty & Direct Replacement The BOYA BY-PVM1000 Professional Shotgun Microphone features a Line + Gradient pick up with the length of 27.8mm, features directional characteristics. The BY-PVM1000’s high directivity, low noise and transparent audio reproduction make it a well suited micr..
60.76€ 73.16€
Code: BMP-40R
With Proaim Microphone Blimp, it’s easy to take shots on a breezy day. Clear sound recording from a helicopter is no more a challenge now! The Proaim Microphone Blimp Windshield cut down on the wind and protects the mic from jarring noises. It is light and performs beautifully. Essentially a hollow ..
Brand: BOYA Code: BY-C04
BOYA BY-C04 Professional Shock Mount for PVM1000 PVM1000L Microphone,Greatly reduces microphone noise caused by vibration, handling, etc,Designed for BY-PVM1000& BY-PVM1000L.Design For Audio-Technica AT897, ATR6550, Sennheiser MKH-416 , ME66/K6, MKE-600, Azden SGM-1X , Sony ECM-CG50 etc. Produ..
Proaim 3,6Μ Carbon Fiber Boom Pole + 40cm R Blimp Windscreen Proaim 3,6Μ Carbon Fiber Boom Pole + 40cm R Blimp Windscreen
2-3 Days
Code: BP12C-BMP40R
BLIMP & BOOM POLE together lets you Record Quality Audio. 40CM BLIMP designed to support a wide range of microphones. SHOCK ABSORBING MOUNTS on blimp prevent vibration. FUR COVER minimizes the noise further. CARBON FIBRE MADE lightweight boom pole with padded hand grip provides comfort. Special..
Brand: BOYA Code: BY-WXLR8
The BY-WXLR8 plug-on transmitter works with BOYA BY-WM8 PRO-K2 (k1) receiver,which easily plugs onto any microphone with XLR connection. The BY-WXLR8 Plug-On XLR Transmitter for BOYA BY-WM8 PRO-K2 (k1) UHF Wireless Mic System. Allows you to connect any XLR microphone the the BY-WM6 and BY-WM8 wirel..
Brand: WOXLINE Code: XLRPC03
Introduction:This interviewing professional microphone embodied with advanced controllable circuit and high quality condenser cartridge. It is characterized to be uni-ulter-directional, high sensibility, and with good frequency response.It is a best choice for business like media interview, conferen..
Proaim 3,6m Carbon Fiber Boom Pole + 6m Long XLR Cable Proaim 3,6m Carbon Fiber Boom Pole + 6m Long XLR Cable
2-3 Days
Code: BP-12C
- Length of the Pole -12ft (3.65m)- Diameter of the Boom Pole - 29mm- Color of Boom Pole - Grayish Black- Length when collapsed - 3.6ft- Size of each section of the Pole -3ftThis handy accessory eliminates the hassle of messy cables or the need for extra connections. Our this new version of Carbon f..
Brand: BOYA Code: BY-PM700
This mic can capture your audio in up to 16 bit/48 kHz resolution, and it features gain control, mute button, zero-latency headphone output. This mic has durable all metal construction, includes desk stand that can ajust microphone in various desired angles, also functionality of folding the mic dow..
Code: MICACC97
A moving coil unidirectional dynamic component makes it perfect for voice recording.Designed for all singing machine karaoke systems and computers.Uni-directional microphone pattern, minimize the surrounding noise.With on/off switch design on the microphone, convenience for use.Material: ABSType: Wi..
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