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Outletvideo Broadcast Museum

Outletvideo Broadcast Museum is located at Chalkida city in Greece.
Code: DSR-250
Product Highlights Professional Camcorder1/3" DVCAM FormatWithout Tripod PlateThree 1/3" 380,000-Pixel CCDs MANUAL BROCHURE With the stability of its shoulder mount design, light weight, and long list of innovative and convenience features, it is no wonder the Sony DSR-250 Camcorder ha..
Code: M50
Analog Video Camera, VHS format, full styl, 330 lines, 1/4" ccd, 320000 pixeis, brigtness 0,7 lux, lens system F 1.4, aut/iris, balance white aut/manual, focus aut/manual, 3 automatic exposure aut/programa, couter light compensador, zoom optic/digital x14/x28,   TBC, wipe/mix/strobe/gain, microphone..
Used in very good working order. This kit come from Ikegami HL-DV7W camcorder, but you can use at other cameras too...
Code: JVC GZ-S3
JVC HR-C3 & GZ-S3The JVC HR-C3 was the first ever compact VHS cassette system and was introduced in 1982. This system was compatible with the popular full size VHS system since the small compact cassette slotted into the larger cassette adapter and could then be played in a standard VHS recorder. Th..
Code: F10WJS1
The Panasonic F10 camera was called a "component" camera as lots of accessories bolted on and off. It used the VHS system and would be connected to a full size VHS tape shoulder strap portable video recorder. This was just at the time SVHS(higher resolution - 400 lines) started and so the first "cam..
Code: Screenpro 2000
Σε άριστη κατάσταση όλο το κιτ έτοιμο για εργασία. Οι βαλίτσες μόνο κοστίζουν πάνω από 300€..
Code: PVW-2800P
Download Specifications Sony PVW-2800P >>>Download Sony PVW-2800 Operating Instructions Manual >>Download Sony PVW-2800 Service Manual >> FULL REVIEW Sony PVW-2800P Betacam SP Video Cassette Recorder & EditorThe PVW-2800P is a Recorder/Player inheriting the advanced performance of the Betacam SP for..
Code: Canon DM-XM1
At previous theres a large-performance camcorder for serious digital enthusiasts. The Canon XM1 is the sister model to the XL1, a camcorder highly praised by the pros for its point out of the art engineering with broadcast top quality pictures. Dependent on the exact same extraordinary layout, the X..
Code: AG-DP800
This kit belongs to the “Outletvideo Broadcast Museum”The kit including:PANASONIC AG-DP800CANON YH13X7.5 KRS IX12 LensCondition: Full working orderRead MANUAL>>>..
Code: IKEGAMI HC-200 + IR-S420CE
The Ikegami's HC-200 is a compact, lightweight, high-class 3 CCD color camera for ENG and EFP. Its design incorporates an efficient 1/2-inch CCD which ensures high performance, ease of operation and high stability as well. The HC-200 is an extraordinary multi purpose color camera. It features a qual..
Code: PanasonicM7
This kit belongs to the “Outletvideo Broadcast Museum”Read below Specification for the kit...
This kit belongs to the “Outletvideo Broadcast Museum”..
Code: JVC GR-S505
JVC Super VHS Video Movie CamcorderModel GR-S505Made in Japan1990  DESCRIPTION·       Recording: Alarm On/Off, SP/EP, Self-timer, Timelapse Interval, Quick review, VISS·       Play: Edit, Rew, FF, Pause, Play, Stop, Insert, Audio Dub, Tracking·       Title Fader, Color, Reverse, Memory·       Focus,..
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