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Code: FDPC25
1.Attach the soft screen to the camera hot shoe2.Bow the diffusion screen forward and secure the oval around the "brand plate"on the front of your camera.Suitable for:For Canon: For EOS 10D, 20D, 20Da, 30D, 40D, 300D, 350D, 400D, D30, D60 Digital Rebel, Digital Rebel XT, Digital Rebel XTi, For Canon..
Brand: PhotoCame Code: SH216
Can clamp on most light stands and backdrop, tripods, pipes or board to mount photographic equipment. The strong clip main body is made of metal, sturdy and durable..
Brand: TOLIFO Code: RGX-BJ95
OFFICIAL TOLIFO AUTHORISED E.U. DISTRIBUTORSolve the problem of the shadow,reflection,color shading and etc.Achieve to make the light limpid and soft. Umbrella Mount Design take only a few seconds to setup up softbox just like open umbrella, when other softbox take a long time to setup.Size: 95..
Code: KH2
This ball head can withstand heavy loads, lock solidly, and move smoothly.Aiming and horizon leveling can be accomplished as one instinctive motion, and rigid lockup takes just a quick twist of one control.Using this tripod ball head is also much easier to carry and pack than tripods with pan-tilt h..
All in one Flash Accessories Kit+Universal Mount All in one Flash Accessories Kit+Universal Mount
-10 %
Brand: PhotoCame Code: SAK01
Universal speedlite accessories kit, photographers' treasure box.Comes with a universal mount adapter in 85mm width and 32-58mm height, suitable for various speedlites.Accessories are including mini Reflector/ 20x30cm softbox/ 2 honeycombs/ barndoor/ conical snoot/ diffuser Ball/ 4 color filters (or..
99.20€ 110.36€
Brand: PhotoCame Code: D3578
Universal Bowens mount, compatible with most of speedlite accessories, such as softbox, etc.  Integrated design, easy for you to use, no need to assemble.Durable plastic cement to clip the light without hurting it.Adjustable install hole to suit different photography light.Universal Bowens m..
Code: Screw61
Suitable for camera devices with 1/4" screw thread.Durable metal structure.Specifications:Material: MetalPackage Size: 4.8 * 2.5 * 1.5cm / 1.9 * 1 * 0.6"Package Weight: 44g / 1.5oz5 Pcs..
80x80cm Flash Softbox Kit with S-Type Bracket Bowen Mount 80x80cm Flash Softbox Kit with S-Type Bracket Bowen Mount
-43 %
Brand: PhotoCame Code: SFUV80
By diffusing the flash lighting, the soft box creates a perfect and even lighting that allows you to capture picture-perfect shots. This is a portable and versatile soft box designed for speedlites and flashes with a hot shoe. The soft box comes standard with an adjustable L-Shaped mounting bra..
48.36€ 85.56€
Universal Flash Softbox Diffuser Universal Flash Softbox Diffuser
-28 %
Brand: PhotoCame Code: FDPC02
Features:100% Brand new and high quality.Easy to Use and Carry-Come with a velcro fastener and anti-slip rubberband.You can easily install or uninstall it quickilyPortable and Foldable! You can carry it with you wherever and whenever you need.Work with Most External Flash Units on the Markets-The si..
8.06€ 11.16€
PhotoCame Triple Hot Shoe Tripod Mount + Umbrella Bracket PhotoCame Triple Hot Shoe Tripod Mount + Umbrella Bracket
-25 %
Brand: PhotoCame Code: FBPC012
Specification: 100% Brand New from PhotoCame E.U. Dimension:Approx. 11.5cm/4.5''x7.5cm/3.0''x4cm/1.6'' Made of all-metal materials in standard structure, durable and heavy duty Three independent adjustable hot shoes fit different types of professional flash A built-in umbrella hole in tri-hot s..
14.88€ 19.84€
TOLIFO Bowens Shade Reflector TOLIFO Bowens Shade Reflector
-47 %
Brand: TOLIFO Code: FGZ-L18
Features:1. Made of aluminum alloy, with Bowens mount, outer diameter about 180mm, height about 110mm, net weight about 180g;2. The bayonet is made of aluminum as thick as 4.5mm, strong and durable. The lamp shade is oxidized on the outside and with scales reflective coating internally;3. The lamp s..
12.40€ 23.56€
PhotoCame Telescopic 55-160cm  Light Boom (or Mic Pole) PhotoCame Telescopic 55-160cm  Light Boom (or Mic Pole)
-17 %
Brand: PhotoCame Code: TPLB02
Ideal for flash and led, but also for microphones like audio boom. It grows up to 1.60m Mounts Compact camera for self-shoot.Four sections for extension use, Max length up to 160cm.Each end with 1/4" male thread, can be mounted other accessories, such as video light, hotshoe adapter, compact ca..
29.76€ 35.96€
PhotoCame Studio Photography Gold Reflective Umbrella 100cm PhotoCame Studio Photography Gold Reflective Umbrella 100cm
-25 %
Brand: OutletvideoMaterial: Nylon & Silver Reflective material, Aluminum saftBlack outside and Silver InsideSize: Diameter: 100cmShaft diameter: 8mm (approx)Weight: 270g..
13.02€ 17.36€
PhotoCame Camera Shoe 3VL Bracket (Large Version) PhotoCame Camera Shoe 3VL Bracket (Large Version)
-44 %
Brand: PhotoCame Code: FBPC04B
With 3 hot shoes mount, allows you to attach extra hot shoe accessories to your camcorder.Made of solid black metal, lightweight and sturdy.1/4" Threads on the bottom could mount on standard light stands.Specifications:Material: metalColor: BlackPackage size: 13 * 9.5 * 3cm..
11.16€ 19.84€
Dual Flash Diffuser Reflector (silver/white) Dual Flash Diffuser Reflector (silver/white)
-20 %
Brand: PhotoCame Code: FDPC06
Features:For soft indirect flash light use the pure white size.For greater range and spectral highlights use the silver size.It helps to reduce hard background shadows and eliminates the annoying red eye effect.Suitable for:Nikon SB-800, SB-600, SB-80DX, SB28, SB26, SB25, SB24Canon 580EX, 550EX, 540..
4.96€ 6.20€
PhotoCame Metal Bracket for Yongnuo Led & Flash PhotoCame Metal Bracket for Yongnuo Led & Flash
Hot -27 %
Brand: PhotoCame Code: FBPC08b
Features:Swivel Light Stand Bracket E type bracket is useful flash light mount.Detachable hot shoe can install tripod and speedlite with a 1/4"screw.There is a 5/8" socket to mount a flash unit to a light stand.180-degree angle adjustment and a lambency umbrella hole.With 1/4" to 3/8" screw mount sw..
13.64€ 18.60€
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