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Lenses Adapters & Hoods

Code: B4-M4/3-2/3
Detail informationThe adapter is new, top of the line quality, deluxe.Made of aluminum (camera body mount) anodized black, and brass (lens mount) chromed silver, with 1/4" and 3/8" tripod mount threads.Also, it is very well made (of brass and aluminum) adapter, which will allow you to use B4 2/3" mo..
Code: LCPC56
C-M4/3 for C mount CCTV film Lens to Olympus Panasonic Micro Four Thirds 4/3 Camera body mount adapter ring.Superior quality, top class precise design, smooth surface Finishing.Make C mount film lenses can be used on Olympus Panasonic M4/3 mount cameras.It allow focus to infinity, Auto focus (AF) is..
Code: LCPC40
Material: MetalColor : SilverFeatures:a. With AF-Confirm Clip. Make Pentax PK lenses can be used on Canon EOS cameras.b. The ring enables camera viewfinder focus confirmation light and confirmation sound.c. Please installing / uninstalling the adapter after turning off the camera.d. It can focus to ..
Code: LCPC06
Feature:PhotoCame Nikon Mount, for all Nikon SLR & DSLRIt moves the lens farther from the film or digital sensor. The farther away the lens is, the closer the focus, the greater the magnification.This extension tube does not affect image quality as there is no optics inside. In comparison, a close u..
Code: M42-EOS-1
Introduction:It comes without the plateM42 to all Canon EOS mount adapter ringMake M42 mount lenses (Zeiss, Pentax, Praktica, Mamiya, Zenit) can be used on Canon EOS camerasThere is no ROM connection on the ring so diaphragm control of the lens is set manuallyIt is possible to use Macro rings and ot..
Code: LCPC21
Tripod Mount Collar Ring A(W) for Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM & Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USMIntroductionThe tripod mount ring mount on the tripod, it helps you fix and balance your tele lens which is heavy or long lens hanging off the front of camera.right weight and strong building by third party. ..
Brand: PhotoCame Code: LCPC41
- With this adapter, you can Mount Canon FD Lenses on Micro 4/3 Olympus Panasonic Cameras Body.- There are no electrical contacts in the extension tubes. Exposure has to be adjusted manually.- Infinity focus is guaranteed by Manual setup.- All-metal design, hardened anodized aluminum construction.- ..
Code: LCPC35
Feature:Allows focus to infinity.Supports AV / M mode.With Lens lock / release and stop screw.There is no ROM connection on the ring,so diaphragm control of the lens isset manually.Material: AluminumColor:BlackCompatible with:Lens: Konica AR LensCamera: SONY NEX-3 NEX-3C NEX-3N NEX-5 NEX-5C NEX..
Code: FDPC17
Neutral density filters darken the image, allowing you to take photos at wider apertures or longer shutter speeds than previously possible for more creative control. The graduated versions transition from dark at one edge to clear at the other. This lets you choose where you want to reduce the expos..
Code: LCPC52
Features:Dual Purpose Lens Adapter Suit For M42 Screw C Mount Movie Lens to Micro Four Thirds CameraThe all-metal adapter is designed to fit the lens securely, yet can still be removed easily when not needed.This adapter have dual design can fit both C Mount and M42 lens.Dual purposes:1. Attach C mo..
Code: LCPC04
Features:M42 lens to Olympus / Panasonic micro 4/3 (Micro Four Thirds) adapterMake M42 mount lenses can be used on Micro 4/3 SYSTEM camerasNo ROM connection on the ring so diaphragm control of the lens is set manuallyAnodized aluminum camera body mount, smooth surface finishingIt is possible to use ..
Code: FDPC16
This kit includes gradient color filters + gradual ND filters + full ND filters + filter holder + adapter ring.The filter is made of resin, delicate workmanship and high quality.7pcs graduated color filters(yellow, orange, blue, purple, green, red and dark brown) provide a gradual color transition f..
Code: PCTL01
Stainless Steel Pro Spanner For Camera Lens Repairing Open Tool. can be adjusted from 7 to 110mm,meets the need of most lens. made of superb quality stainless steel. More srew holes design make the cross bar more flexible for adjustment...
a.    With AF-Confirm Clip. Make Contax Yashica CY lenses can be used on Canon EOS cameras.b.    The ring enables camera viewfinder focus confirmation light and confirmation sound.c.    Please installing / uninstalling the adapter after turning off the camera.d.    It can focus to infinity. Supports..
Brand: PhotoCame Code: LCPC18
This kit includes 9pcs step up ring and 9pcs step down ring (total 18), used to convert the thread size of your lens to the thread size of any other accessories such as filters, hoods lens converters. Owning this set means all the lens accessories can be shared. This kit includes 9pcs step up ring ..
Code: M42-EOS
* 100% Brand new and high quality* Compatible with Canon-EOS digital SLR camera and part of full-width and film machine.* Support Manual or aperture priority mode.* Focus infinity.* Come with a cover to protect the lens* Compatible: Lens: all m42 lens with flange ;Camera- all Canon-EOS EF cameras* M..
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