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Brand: PhotoCame Code: D07
Specification:Type:E27 to 4 E27Voltage:AC100-240VCurrent:6AHeat resist temperature:200℃Wattage of each socket: ≤60WMaterial:PBT Feature:The socket type is E27, so it is compatible with standard light bulb E27.Allowing 4 or 3 bulbs installed in one single socket at the same time, easy to increas..
E27 Socket Lamp for Photography Umbrellas etc. E27 Socket Lamp for Photography Umbrellas etc.
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Brand: PhotoCame Code: E27Α
Designed to work with all E27 screw light, accommodate light bulbs or slave flash, built in umbrella holder and light stand mount,easy mount to light stand and easily adjustable for different shooting angles. Perfect for holder your photo umbrellas, slave flash or light bulbs. It mounts on any stand..
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