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Outletvideo Broadcast Museum

Outletvideo Broadcast Museum is located at Chalkida city in Greece.
Excellent condition, used broadcast complate professional video camera TRIAX kitThe kit including:1 x JVC KY-D29 Professional Camera (TRIAX Version)1 X CANON YJ18X9B4 KRS SX12 Lens1 x Viewfinder1 x JVC CCU RM-P270 control (TRIAX)1 x Remote RM LP351 X Zoom Control1 x Focus Control1 x Cable ..
FULL Vintage JVC KY-320 Video Camera + ZOOM + FOCUS + Lot accessories FULL Vintage JVC KY-320 Video Camera + ZOOM + FOCUS + Lot accessories
Out Of Stock
Code: JVC KY-320
The JVC KY-320 color video camera, using newly-developed S-M (electrostatic focusing/electromagnetic deflection) Plumbicon* tubes, has very wide applications, especially amongst production houses, CATV stations and freelance camera operators because of its high cost-efficiency. Following the upgradi..
IKEGAMI HK-355 Television Studio 3 Video Cameras Setup w Grass Valley 200 System
Coming Soon
Code: IKEGAMI HK-355
Comming soon presentation of the studio setup from outletvideo broadcast museumEquipment Details3 x Ikegami 355 Studio Camera 3 x  J20x Super J20x7.5B box lense and all zoom & focus controls + box zoom systems2 x Ikegami Triax base stations- BS-323A/ PS-323 (we are looking fo..
Code: NV-RX15B
This kit belongs to the “Outletvideo Broadcast Museum”ASK PRICEFull kit with original box and accessoriesCondition: Partial working order..
Code: JVC GR-AXM910
JVC's sleek new GR-AXM910U combines an ultra-compact design with the most advanced audio/video recording features available. Shoot 30 images with fine resolution or 60 images in standard resolution. Move in tight with the 16: 1 Optical Zoom or really close with the 320X Digital Hyper Zoom. The Integ..
Code: Panasonic.F10.Kit2
The Panasonic F10 camera was called a "component" camera as lots of accessories bolted on and off. It used the VHS system and would be connected to a full size VHS tape shoulder strap portable video recorder. This was just at the time SVHS(higher resolution - 400 lines) started and so the first "cam..
This kit belongs to the “Outletvideo Broadcast Museum”MAKE OFFERLIKE NEW ..
Code: JVC KY 1900
The kit including:2 x JVC KY 1900 Videocameras (One like new 220v, other medium condition 110v)2 x Ac Power2 x Original Hard CasesCablesSPECIFICATIONSWeighing less than 8 pounds, this super-compact three-tube camera is designed without compromising quality. Three newly designed Saticon tubes High ..
Code: SONY BVU-150P
The BVU-150 is is larger and heavier than the VO-6800. It incorporates Sony's Superior Performance (SP) technology, to offer higher picture quality in a portable U-matic. Also among the new refinements is the Dolby C noise reduction system whcih gives improved audio performance.Both of the above ben..
Code: WV-F500HE
This kit belongs to the “Outletvideo Broadcast Museum”ASK PRICEThe kit including:1 x PANASONIC WV-F500HE Camera1 x WV-RC700A Remote Control1 x Panasonic.AG-6400-E Recorder1 x 10m CableCondition: Full working orderRead MANUAL>>>..
Code: Ikegami HL-DV7AW
New Digital Process LSINew digital process LSI (ASIC) is adopted to produce high quality video including a six - axis linear matrix system for fine tuning of color to match broadcast requirements.Video In connectorThe HL-DV7AW includes External Video Input. Pool feed or other video source can be rec..
The kit including:2 x PANASONIC WV-V3 Videocameras (Contition:Like New)2 x WV - LZ33/10E lenses2 x WV - VF 34E2 x WV-Q36E Plates2 x Hard Case WV-CC35E (Not show, but we keep 2 cases)1 x WV - KB12E Titler1 x WV - Q30E (we lokking for extra, please call us if you keep)1 x WV - MC34E Microphon (we lokk..
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