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Code: PCCl03
100% brand new with high qualitySize: Approx.24 x 15.5 x 7cmWeight: Approx.160gColor: RedSuitable for: Camera, DC, DV, Computer, PAD, Lenses, CCD, COMS, Filters and other optics.Air-blower:Use air blow to remove large particles of dust, can scratch the lens and the coating to prevent dust, prolonged..
Code: FBPC09
The 2 way macro slider has smooth rack and pinion movement to provide extremely fine focusing adjustment. It is suitable for all DSLR and DC with standard 1/4" screw. One 30cm rails can support movement of 2 directions---forward, back. Positive locking knobs assure rock-steady focus.If you purchase ..
Code: RM-DSLR3
This remote control enables wireless remote shutter release. Trigger the shutter remotely when using slower shutter speeds to prevent camera movement.Features:1. Brand new and high quality2. Release mode : Focus, Shoot3. Range : 20m without any obstruction and within an angle of 30 degrees4. Size : ..
Code: RM-DSLR2
JJC RM-DSLR2 multi-function wireless remote control allows you to control HDTV photo viewing, trip the shutter, and start video recording remotely to put yourself in the picture. JJC RM-DSLR2 replaces SONY RMT-DSLR1, RMT-DSLR2.Highlights-Designed for SONY SLT and SONY NEX camera-Stop and start the m..
Code: RM-VS1
Features:1. Support zoom and shutter lock functions: can be used for Still photos and motion photography.2. Support half press focusing, shutter release, Bulb lock, camera on and pause function, electric zoom. Power switch button for camera's power management, no battery required.3. Constructed with..
Code: RM-VP1
Suitable for: Panasonic *DMC-GH2 *DMC-GH3 DMC-GH4 DMC-GH5 Note: The W/T Zoom function will be unavailable for the model GH2/GH3. This new coming FOTGA RM-VP1 remote control with multi-terminal cable is a wired remote commander for select Panasonic cameras and camcorders. Wheth..
Code: SDMK2V64
There to capture your creative moment!Today’s endless bit depth, high frame rates, and high resolutions—4K and beyond—require storage solutions that are just as advanced. Memory cards need to be fast, high-capacity, widely compatible and, of course, extremely reliable. Our AV PRO SD MK2 V60 cards ar..
Code: KH200
4-way macro focus mode, high-quality slide rail.The rail has a gear impulsion system that greatly improves the accuracy and speed of the adjustment of the rail.Two 6" rails allow movement in four directions, right, left, forward and backward. Mounting and adopts 1/4" x 20 thread screws, for most tri..
Shoulder Neck Strap Belt for SONY DSLR Shoulder Neck Strap Belt for SONY DSLR
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Brand: PhotoCame Code: zoom1
This remote control with 100cm cable is a wired remote commander for Sony and Panasonic camcorders with LANC jack 2.5mm interface. The remote controls various operations to be performed without handling the camera, therefore eliminating camera shake and improving image quality results and conve..
Code: CACC03B
The cover has access to your camera view finder, lens, flash and others. Double waterproof zipper on the bottom ensures the waterproof performance and makes it easier fixed on the tripod. The PVC transparent screen protector will let your monitor clearly all the time.Item features:Specifically desig..
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